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Family Gathering and Networking Sessions

Family Gathering and Networking Sessions

The symposium will be anchored by two real-time networking sessions where we will gather to remember Professor Eastman — his teaching, mentorship, travels, adventures and family. We will be joined by the Eastman family, former students and colleagues.  The two networking sessions are scheduled so that friends from around the world will be able to join in at least one of the sessions.


The two keynoters represent foundational moments in Professor Eastman's career:

Keynote 1: Rafael Sacks, Technion; 

Descriptive Geometry, Computer-Aided Design, Building Information Modeling, and then....?

Keynote 2: Ghang Lee, Yonsei University;

The Eastman Network from 1996 to 2021—I am not a genius. Are you?


The 14 academic sessions represent the arc of Professor Eastman's career, from his early work in design cognition, through work in computer graphics, solid modeling, building product models, rule checking and BIM. The chairs are leaders in these fields, selected from experts and colleagues of Chuck's from around the world. A call for abstracts has been issued to solicit speakers for the academic sessions. Abstracts are submitted through the Eastman Symposium website.

Opening+Keynote 1
12:00 UTC

Speaker: Rafael Sacks

Descriptive Geometry, Computer-Aided Design, Building Information Modeling, and then....?
Session 1
13:00 UTC

Chair: Eduardo Toledo Santos

Rule Checking

Yongcheol Lee
Nicholas Nisbet
Joao Soliman Junior
Ranjith K Soman
Session 2
14:15 UTC

Chair: John Messner

BIM Implementation
Frameworks and Standards

Bilal Succar
Roger J Grant
Elena Seghezzi
John Messner
Session 3
15:30 UTC

Chair: Keresh Afshari

Automation in Design and Construction

Michael Carrancho
Masoud Gheisari
Mani Golparvar
Luke Faulkner
Session 4
16:45 UTC

Chair: Marcelo Bernal

Process Modeling

Timo Hartmann
Isabella Rodrigues Oliveira da Silva
Brey Tucker
Esra Bektas
Industry Session 1
18:00 UTC

Session Chair: Stacy Scopano

From the Academy to Industry

Phil Bernstein
Atul Khanzode
Joseph Burns
Session 5
19:15 UTC

Session Chair: Fernanda Leite

BIM in Construction Engineering

Yelda Turkan
Thomas Bock
Steven Ayer
Matt Jezyk
Session 6
20:30 UTC

Chair: Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi

5D BIM Workflows

Taysheng Jeng
Shu Tang
Dennis Shelden
Brent Pilgrim
Session 7
21:45 UTC

Chair: Lucio Soibelman

Eastman's Academic Legacy

Ramesh Krishnamurthi
David Gerber
Paul Teicholz
Family and Friends Session
23:00 UTC
Family and Friends Sessions will be hosted on Gatherly.
Intro(r)+Keynote 2
00:00 UTC

Speaker: Dr. Ghang Lee

The Eastman Network from 1996 to 2021
— I am not a genius. Are you?
Session 8
UTC 01:00

Chair: Carrie Sturts Dossick

Elusive History of BIM

Deke Smith
Robert Aish
Tom Maver
Ashwin Mahalingam
Session 9
02:15 UTC

Chair: Robert Amor

Code Compliance Checking

Jiansong Zhang
André Borrmann
Johannes Dimyadi
Jin Kook Lee
Session 10
03:30 UTC

Chair: Bonsang Koo

AI and BIM

Junjie Chen
Sherif Abdelmohsen
Ioannis Brilakis
Pingbo Tang
Burcu Akinci
Industry Session 2
04:45 UTC

Chair: Wawan Solihin

Impact of BIM on the AEC Industry Worldwide

John Haymaker
Mehdi Nourbakhsh
Jaemin Lee
Thomas Liebich
John Mitchell
Session 11
06:00 UTC

Chair: Rudi Stouffs


Robert Doe
Thomas Wortmann
Jim Plume
Leon van Berlo
Session 12
07:15 UTC

Chair: Fehmi Dogan

Design Cognition

John Gero
Ashok Goel
ChunHeng Ho
Elif Sezen Yagmur Kilimci
Peter Lloyd
Session 13
08:30 UTC

Chair: Jakob Beetz

Semantic Exchanges

Pieter Pauwels
Silvia Meschini
Thomas Krijnen
Wim Gielingh/Jakob Beetz
Session 14
09:45 UTC

Chair: Jennifer Whyte

Visualizing Digital Information

Yuqing Hu
Karim Farghaly
Laura Maftei
Dragana Nikolić
Juliana Parise Baldauf
Family and Friends Session
11:00 UTC
Family and Friends Sessions will be hosted on Gatherly.


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