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Data Standards Inoperability

Data Standards Inoperability

The AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry’s next generation of digital workflows are dependent on strong information and data exchange capabilities, allowing interoperability of information generated throughout the project life cycle. The DBL is a leading research center developing standards supporting the development and exchange of building information modeling (BIM) data.

Over the past decade, the DBL has led research in creating interoperability standards for a diverse set of construction industry consortia, including BuildingSmart, the American Institute of Steel Construction, The Precast Concrete Institute, and the Masonry Institute of America.

The DBL’s long-standing expertise in AEC data interoperability and exchange processes provides the background for developing the next generation of web-connected paradigms for the AEC industry. Traditional file-based design engineering and construction software are increasingly going online. Today’s standards for building information are being refactored to take advantage of emerging web-based information standards that can enable a host of next-generation advancements in the industry.


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