Session 12 Design Cognition

Design Cognition session will be chaired by Dr. Fehmi Dogan


This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Dogan. He is smiling towards the camera, wearing a dark button-up collarless shirt. There are sun patches and an intricate background with bokeh effect.

A professor of architecture, Dr. Fehmi Dogan is currently the dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkey. He has a PhD degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and conducts research on design cognition and design learning, the use of analogy by expert and novice designers, and the relationship between human activities and built environment.

He has published in journals such as Journal of Architectural Education, Journal of Learning Sciences, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Design Studies, Design Journal, The Journal of Architecture, AiEdam, ARQ-Architectural Research Quarterly, Design and Technology Education: an International Journal, PsyCh Journal, and Thinking Skills and Creativity.  


This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Gero. He is looking towards the camera against a dark background.

Dr. John Gero will give the talk titled:

Chuck Eastman and Design Cognition: From Protocol Analysis through Design Physiology to Design Neurocognition

John Gero is a Research Professor in Computer Science and Architecture at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Formerly he was Professor of Design Science and Director, Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition, University of Sydney and a Research Professor at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study. He developed the Function-Behavior-Structure Ontology. He is the author/editor of 54 books and over 750 papers and book chapters in the fields of design science, design computing, artificial intelligence, design cognition and design neurocognition. His research has received over 25,000 citations. He has been a Visiting Professor of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Design and Computation or Mechanical Engineering at MIT, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia and CMU in the USA, at INSA-Lyon and University of Provence in France and at EPFL in Switzerland. 

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Dr. Ashok Goel will give the talk titled:

Multifunctional and Domain Independent? 
A Meta-Analysis of Biologically Inspired Design

Ashok Goel is a Professor of Computer Science and Human-Centered Computing in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, USA.  He is the Director of Design Intelligence Laboratory, the Chief Scientist with the Center for 21st Century Universities, and a Fellow with Brook Byers Institute for Sustainable Systems. Ashok conducts research on AI in design, design cognition, and design computing. Some of Ashok’s research into design focuses on biologically inspired design. His 2012 TEDx talk summarizes some of this research. An interactive tool for supporting biologically inspired design developed by his laboratory is available

Ashok is a co-author of “An information-processing account of creative analogies in biologically inspired design” that received the Best Paper Award at the Eighth ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition in 2011. He is a co-editor of Biologically inspired design: Computational methods and tools published by Springer-Verlag in 2014.

His 2019 BBISS talk captures his more recent work on biologically inspired design of sustainable systems.

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Ho. He is looking towards the camera against a light background.

Dr. Chun-Heng Ho will give the talk titled:

A study of the relationships among consumer familiarity, e-WOM, and the EKB model

Chun-Heng Ho is an associate professor in the Department of Industrial Design at the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. degree from the College of Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States. His research interests include Design Cognition and Kansei Engineering. Currently, he also serves as an Executive Director of Taiwan Institute of Kansei, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Kansei (ISSN 2409-6326). You may visit his website at or contact him by email at

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Yagmur-Kilimci. She is looking towards the camera against a light background.

Dr. Elif Sezen Yağmur Kilimci will give the talk titled:

Representation and Reasoning in Design

Elif Sezen Yağmur-Kilimci is a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University. She received her PhD degree in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology. Interested in understanding the mental constructs and capacities that underlie design thinking towards exploring new means/methods to facilitate/augment processes of design thinking/learning, she concentrated on the areas of design cognition and design computing in her PhD study. For her doctoral thesis, she investigated the nature of the mental representations and abilities involved in 3d mental visualization practices of architects. She teaches several courses at the undergraduate and graduate level on architectural design including visual communication, computational methods, design cognition, visuospatial cognition, among others. 

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Lloyd. He is smiling towards the camera against a brick wall.

Dr. Peter Lloyd will give the talk titled:

One Concept per Second: Charles Eastman and Design Cognition

Peter Lloyd is a Professor of Integrated Design Methodology at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. He founded the Designing Intelligence Research Lab exploring how humans and non-humans can collaborate in design processes.  He teaches in the areas of design process, design methods, reflective practice, design thinking, and design ethics and his research focuses on discourse and conversation in the design process.  He is the chair of the Design Research Society and Editor-in-Chief of the leading journal Design Studies.