Session 2: BIM Implementation Frameworks and Standards

BIM Implementation Frameworks and Standards | Chaired by Dr. John Messner


This is a picture of Dr. Messner, he is wearing a shirt with the collar button undone and smiles warmly towards the camera. Against a Dark Background.Dr. John Messner is the Charles and Elinor Matts Professor of Architectural Engineering and the Director of the Computer Integrated Construction (CIC) Research Program at Penn State.

He specializes in Building Information Modeling (BIM), digital twins, and automation in construction research.  Dr. Messner led several projects that developed BIM planning processes which are incorporated into the National BIM Standard - US.

Dr. Messner also led the Building Energy Informatics task group in the Consortium for Building Energy Innovation.  He has received multiple National Science Foundation grants to investigate the application of advanced visualization in the AEC Industry and construction engineering education leading to the development of two Immersive Construction (ICon) Labs.

He is the Past Chair of the of the National Institute of Building Sciences BIM Council, the Chair of the National BIM Standard - US Planning Committee and a BOD member with the Lean Construction Institute.

He has taught courses in virtual prototyping; BIM; strategic management in construction; international construction; and construction engineering and management.

Dr. Messner gave the presentation titled:

Focus on the Process: The Evolution of the BIM Execution Planning Process

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Succar. He is looking towards the camera against a light background.

Dr. Bilal Succar

Facilitating Digital Transformation through a common Knowledge Sharing Model and an international Community Effort

Bilal Succar is a strategic advisor and independent researcher with extensive experience in performance assessment and improvement. He is the director of ChangeAgents AEC (, a digital transformation consultancy operating out of Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Succar is the Founder of the not-for-profit BIMe Initiative ( and the Head Editor of the international BIM Dictionary ( Bilal published well-cited academic papers, led prominent BIM education initiatives, and delivered numerous keynote addresses and workshops across the world covering digital transformation and macro-BIM adoption. Bilal periodically shares his thoughts and ongoing research through and  

This is a grayscale portrait of Roger Grant. He is looking towards the camera and smiling against a white background.

Roger Grant

Bridge Modeling Process Standardization – U.S.

Roger J. Grant, Executive Director Building Information Management at the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS), has focused on developing and delivering information products and services to support design, construction and management of the built environment for more than 30 years. Roger has experience in whole building performance; building and civil infrastructure information modeling; safety and security assessment; cost planning and estimating; national and international standards development: and technology, project and business management. Roger holds a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Masters of Business Administration both from Bradley University and is a Fellow of buildingSMART International.

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Seghezzi. She is looking towards the camera and smiling against a light background.

Dr. Elena Seghezzi

BIM-based approaches to Facility and Asset management research experiences.

Elena Seghezzi, PhD (2018), is a postdoc research fellow at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. She is part of BIMGroup, a research unit that works with public entities and private clients to support digital transition in building processes. Her research interests are related to the development of BIM-based processes for sustainable building renovation, the application of DfMA and prefabrication approaches in construction, and the exploration of decision support systems in construction processes. She supports public stakeholders in the development of BIM based design and construction activities, with a focus on school buildings. She teaches “Architectural technology studio” in the 5-year Master in Building Engineering – Architecture, and collaborates with the architecture and engineering magazine “Arketipo”.