Session 4: Process Modeling



This is a black and white picture of Dr. Bernal, he is wearing a dark coloured shirt with the collar button undone. There are some out of focus architectural features and vegetation in the background.Chaired by Dr. Marcelo Bernal

Marcelo Bernal, has developed his career between the professional practice and the academia. He is the principal of Arqze ltd, architectural office dedicated to the design, fabrication, and installation of mobile deployable infrastructure for Antarctica. He was also the Director of the Undergraduate program at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, Chile. Currently, he is the Co-Director of the Design Process Lab at Perkins+Will, an interdisciplinary research-based architecture and design firm.

The scope of his area of research includes meta-modeling of design expertise, multi-criteria optimization to support decision-making, and workflows for design automation. He is the past Vice-President of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics, where now he serves as advisory board member.

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Hartmann. He is smiling towards the camera. There are out of focus architectural features in the background

Dr. Timo Hartmann will give the talk titled:

Informatics to support engineering systems design

Timo is Professor for Systems Engineering at the TU Berlin. In his research and practical work he develops state of the art system visualization and simulation technologies and integrates these technologies with the working processes of construction, engineering, and architectural professionals. Timo believes that such a development and integration is only possible under consideration of both technical and social factors working in close collaboration with practitioners.
Timo received his Ph.D. from Stanford University where he was a student at the Center for Integrated Facility Management. He also received a Diploma in Civil Engineering and his Masters of Computational Mechanics from the Technical University Munich. His work has been published for example in Advanced Engineering Informatics, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, Building Research and Information, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering and ITCON. He is an assistant specialty editor for the Journal of Construction Engineering and Management and serves on the editorial board of the Open Construction & Building Technology Journal. He is also deputy editor of Construction, Engineering, and Architectural Management and Advanced Engineering Informatics. Additionally, Timo is an active reviewer for a wide range of journals including Automation in Construction and Advanced Engineering Information.

This is a grayscale portrait of Isabella Rodrigues. She is smiling towards the camera. A decorative modular partition element is in the background.

Isabella Rodrigues Oliveira da Silva will give the talk titled:

BIM Execution Plan (BEP) as an instrument for the successful BIM process modeling in a construction sector of a Brazilian State University

Architect, BIM enthusiast, curious learner. Isabella Rodrigues focuses on developing her career on two fronts, a professional and an academical front. The first consisting in studying innovation, project management and strategic planning on civil construction market. The second concerning a research related to BIM Execution Plan (BEP) and BIM implementation on public and private companies. She also works as a BIM Coordinator at HAUT Incorporadora Design, a developer company in Northeast Brazil, that focuses on project compatibilization and the improvement of BIM in all sectors of the company. She has worked as BIM modeler at several corporations, developing architectural and engineering projects.

This is a grayscale portrait of Brey Tucker. He is smiling towards the camera against a light background.

Brey Tucker will give the talk titled:

The Journey Beyond BIM and Digital Twin

Aubrey "Brey" Tucker is an Enabler, Technologist, International BIM Speaker, Author, University Lecturer, and Revit expert with an extensive career with skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, airports and technology implementation for architects, engineers, and contractors. He's a Senior Industry Manager at Autodesk, where he focuses on the Project Delivery strategy, Common Data Environments, BIM and ISO compliance and the data thread that ties many of Autodesk's cloud and desktop offerings together.

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Bektas. She is smiling towards the camera against a light background.

Dr. Esra Bektas will give the talk titled:

End-of-life rule checking for the intake decision-making of the Dutch replacement and renovation program for the transport infrastructure. 

Esra Bektas works as a research scientist for TNO, the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research. She is trained and worked as an architect in Turkey. She obtained her PhD from the Delft University of Technology on knowledge management for the built-environment. 
Her area of expertise focuses on capturing and formalization of domain knowledge in order to support strategic decision making for the management of (built) assets. Esra uses palette of techniques for knowledge extraction and representation. She then applies suitable technologies in relation with the requirements of decision makers and the domain formalized. Esra thus works at the interface between domain expertise and data science. 

The key works of Esra include: 
-Multi-Criteria Analysis tool for the design assessment of multi-purpose high rise building design. Here Resilience, Safety and Security criteria are modelled for the assessment. 
-Knowledge Retaining System for capturing past-experiences on (Non)Destructive Research Techniques applied on steel bridges for the Dutch Road Authority.
-Knowledge Retaining System (on-going) for capturing lessons-learnt on renovation of the immersed tunnels in the Netherlands for the Dutch Road Authority. 
-End of Life rule checking model (on-going) for supporting the intake decision moment of the replacement and renovation program of the Dutch Road Authority.