Industry Session 2

Industry Session 2 will be chaired by Dr. Wawan Solihin

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Solihin. He is wearing a black suit and tie, the background is white.

Dr. Wawan Solihin has dedicated the good part of 30 years of his career dealing with information related to geospatial and BIM, especially in the area of analysis, interoperability and rule checking. He led the development of the fist-of-a-kind CORENET ePlanCheck system development in the early 2000. He did not stop there and continues the work in Autodesk and later with a start-up company Invicara. In 2013 he decided to pursue his PhD degree with Chuck in Georgia Tech, where he mulled how to do the automated compliance checking on BIM effectively and easily. This is one topic Chuck always interested in. He completed the program in record time of 2.5 years. He currently holds a position of VP in Research and Innovation with NovaCITYNETS, the same company he helped develop CORENET ePlanCheck, to implement his research into reality. 


This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Haymaker, he is smiling towards the camera, wearing a checkered shirt and a dark color jacket

Dr. John Haymaker is Perkins&Will’s Director of Research, overseeing the firm’s formal investigations into material performance, design process, building technology, resilience, regeneration, and human health and wellness in the built environment. John works closely with a team of researchers, designers, and academics to expand and apply the firm’s knowledge base. He directs Perkins&Will’s Research Labs, Innovation Incubator program, and nonprofit research arm, AREA Research. He was previously a professor of civil engineering at Stanford University and a professor of architecture and building construction at Georgia Institute of Technology.

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Nourbakhsh, he is smiling towards the camera, wearing a black t-shirt. The background is a dark colored wood beadboard.

Dr. Mehdi Nourbakhsh is a research lead at Autodesk Research. He is passionate about bringing AI-assisted technologies to the hands of Autodesk customers. With his several years of experience as a structural engineer and construction manager, he leads a research team focusing on the applications of AI and ML in the future of design and construction. He holds a Ph.D. in building construction and a master’s in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Lee, he is wearing a checkered shirt against a light background.

Dr. Jaemin Lee is a Principal software engineer and an R&D team lead in Bluebeam, a Nemetschek company. He participated in the development of Trimble connect (Trimble), GTeam (Gehry Technologies), and Simergy (Digital Alchemy) based on 20 years of research and software development experience. During his doctoral course at Georgia Institute of Technology, he developed a system for “Automated Circulation Validation using BIM” with Solibri as a lead researcher in GSA-Courthouse Design Guide Automation Project and was awarded CETI Award 2011 and AIA TAP BIM Award 2008. 

He has mainly focused on research and development using BIM and drawing data using computational geometry, image processing, ML, and DL technologies and has published several papers and patents related to the development of BIM, and the papers have been cited more than 900 times. In 2011, he received his doctorate under the guidance of the professor, Chuck Eastman. 

This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Liebich, they are smiling towards the camera agains a light background.

Dr. Thomas Liebich is a managing partner of AEC3 Germany and a senior information manager with more than twenty-five years of experience in various research, development, and industry projects. Thomas has focused his professional career on data integration and construction standardization, even prior to the early adoption of the BIM term in the early 2000’s. Thomas is recognized internationally as the father of IFC. He began leading the buildingSMART (former IAI) developments in 1996 and has continued his notable industry contributions with the BIM data standard Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) in 1999.

This is a grayscale portrait of John Mitchell, he is smiling towards the camera in front of a bookcase. He is wearing a buildingSMART lapel pin.

John Mitchell is the Principal at CQR Pty Ltd, Australia

John has focussed since the 90’s on product modeling (commonly termed BIM). He has been a member of the buildingSMART Australasia chapter from its foundation in 1997, focusing on the use of digital technologies and IFC model exchange. John has been involved in various initiatives including being a Research Fellow at the Collaborative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living, the development of urban scale sustainability modeling and tools based on Precinct Information Models (PIM), as Industry Fellow with University of Technology Sydney, and contributions to the extension of the openBIM schema IFC to include infrastructure types and robust geo-referencing (model Setup IDM). He recently completed a project for the Macquarie Point Development Corporation in Hobart on the development of a pilot Precinct Model, integrating GIS data and IFC models.