The Eastman Network

The Second Keynote adress will be given By Dr. Ghang Lee, from Yonsei University:


This is a grayscale portrait of Dr. Lee. He is wearing a white shirt and smiling towards the camera.

The Eastman Network from 1996 to 2021
—I am not a genius. Are you?

by Ghang Lee, Ph.D. and Kahyun Jeon

This presentation explores Professor Charles M. Eastman’s the impact on various fields of studies through a social network analysis of the open academic graph (OAG). During his 50-year academic career, Professor Eastman has been a pioneer in many research areas, including building information modeling (BIM), design cognition, international standards, interoperability, process and product modeling, and automated design checking. OAG is a knowledge graph consisting of approximately four hundred million papers from the Microsoft academic graph (MAG) and the artificial-intelligence-powered academic network mining (AMiner) graph. Through an analysis of the OAG, this study analyzes the fields of studies pioneered by Eastman, the studies that influenced Eastman’s research, and the studies that were influenced by his research. It also visualizes the phylogeny of the fields of study he pioneered through social network analyses.