A screen grab of a construction project in integrated systems software.

Project Delivery Systems

Project Delivery Systems

Today’s advanced construction projects are being delivered through integrated strategies that bring together systems for information organization, component design, and assembly; and connected information tools, methods, and data sources. The DBL provides research and implementation that integrates numerous aspects of process information and system design to undertake advanced ways of building design and construction.

Project Delivery Systems takes on both general industrywide topics as well as specific members’ project needs through an integrated system development approach.

Process Engineering

The successful implementation of new project delivery systems requires a deep understanding of both current industry practices and their potential for change. This research analyzes existing industry processes, and establishes the requirements for transforming these processes in light of changing technologies.

Data Modeling

Project systems are successful when practice organization, work organization, and data structures are aligned. Data models, standards, and interoperability mechanisms are key components of supporting re-engineered delivery.

Integrated Data Systems

AEC professions are at the beginning of a revolution driven by cloud data, coupled with connected web, mobile, and embedded technologies, and accessed through Web 2.0 collaboration tools. The DBL drives thought leadership in the technology integration and practices required to move AEC projects to more connected ways of working.

Connected Tools and Devices

Modeling and analysis tools, data analytics, sensors, and intelligent machinery are increasingly connecting directly into the networked data environments on integrated projects. Providing compelling ways that emerging technologies can integrate into connected systems is part of the project delivery system approach.

Research projects bring together professional firms with specific project or enterprise workflow needs with one or more technology partners offering web services integrated technologies.


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