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Our researchers teach and advise students in the School of Architecture's graduate programs. Through research assistantships and relevant studio work, our students get the benefit of networking with the DBL members.

Master's Programs

The School’s Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) program is offered in two tracks: a 3-year track for those with undergraduate degrees in disciplines other than architecture, and a 2-year track for those with four-year, pre-professional degrees in architecture and receiving full advanced standing.

The School’s Master of Science in Architecture (MS-Arch) program may be completed within one year. It provides students holding professional degrees in architecture, or equivalent degrees in allied fields of design or engineering, with research‐based knowledge that is applicable to the advancement of professional practice.

The program concentrations include:

The School’s Master of Science in Urban Design program is a one-year, three-semester curriculum oriented to those who wish to expand upon their previous professional education and professional experience and to enter urban design practices either in private firms or public agencies.

Ph.D. Program

The School of Architecture also offers coursework leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. In this program, students develop the knowledge and technologies that enhance design imagination and the design process; articulate design choices and predict the consequences of design decisions; among other crucial skills.

Research emphasis includes:


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