Session 1: Rule Checking

Chaired by Dr. Eduardo Toledo Santos


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Assistant Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP), Chair of the Professional Master's Program in Innovation in Civil Construction at the Polytechnic School of USP. Chair of the BIM Objects WG of the Brazilian Standards Association’s (ABNT) Special Commission on BIM Studies (CEE-134). Founder and director of the BIM Forum Brazil, Communications Director of the Brazilian National Association for the Built Environment Technology (ANTAC). Serves as alternate member at the International Society for Computing in Civil and Building Engineering (ISCCBE) representing Brazil and as Director for the Americas at the International Society for Geometry and Graphics (ISGG).

He participated as an invited expert in the Brazilian Federal BIM Strategy Committee, leading the Education group. He acted as technical reviewer for the Brazilian editions of Eastman et al.’s "BIM Handbook". Eduardo is an Electrical Engineer and holds Master and PhD in Electrical Engineering degrees, all from the Escola Politécnica of USP. 


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Dr. Yong-Cheol Lee

Rule Logic and Its Validation Framework of Model View Definitions for Ensuring BIM Data Interoperability

Yong-Cheol Lee is an assistant professor in the Bert S. Turner Department of Construction Management at the Louisiana State University. He has an extensive research experience on BIM, computing and information technologies, and advanced data analytics in design, construction, facility management, and disaster recovery. His primary research interests are BIM data interoperability, automated data validation, and construction data analysis using BIM and AI technologies. His research has been supported by diverse agencies including the Department of Transportation (DOT), National Science Foundation (NSF), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Louisiana Sea Grant, Louisiana Transportation Research Center, Louisiana Board of Regents, Qatar National Research Foundation, Vectorworks, Board of Supervisors of LSU and A&M College, and others.   

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Nicholas Nisbet

Three kinds of knowledge - Converging models, dictionaries and regulations.

Nicholas Nisbet has been actively engaged in the development of BIM since 1977. He contributed to the development of the UK SSHA system for social housing and to the commercial development  of the Rucaps, Sonata and Reflex BIM applications, and to several environmental analysis and retail packages.

In 2001 he joined Jeff Wix and Thomas Liebich in AEC3 and contributed to the finalisation of the Singapore ePlanCheck automated compliance checking tool. In order to improve on the accuracy and efficiency achieved in that  project, he developed the RASE methodology to expose the logical structure and logical metrics of regulations, requirements and recommendations. This approach is now embedded in AEC3 Require1, which is being used in the UK government funded DCOM (digital compliance) initiatives.

He is contributing to the buildingSMART, ISO, CEN and UK BSI standards and was the co-author of COBie. He is a Fellow of the UK Royal Society of Arts and of buildingSMART International.

He is currently studying towards a PhD at Bartlett UCL, London.

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Joao Soliman-Junior

Automated Compliance Checking in Healthcare Building Projects

Joao Soliman-Junior is a Research Assistant and PhD student at the Innovative Design Lab, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield. Since 2012, Joao's research encompasses the use of technology, automation and BIM to support architectural and engineering building design. He has been involved in multiple national and international research projects on social housing and healthcare. His career is focused on multidisciplinary research and has been strongly anchored to Lean principles. Most of his research engagement has been in projects with an important involvement from the industry, underpinning his practical and collaborative initiatives.

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Dr. Ranjith K Soman

Linked-data based Constraint Checking to Assist Look-ahead Planning

Ranjith is a research associate at   "Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation" and is working on an InnovateUK funded research project AEC Production Control Room. Ranjith's Ph.D. research was done in collaboration with Bentley Systems. It focused on 'Automating look-ahead schedule generation using linked-data based constraint checking for construction projects'. Prior to joining Imperial College, Ranjith obtained his B.Tech (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Calicut and his MS (By Research) in Building Technology and Construction Management from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.

Ranjith has a multidisciplinary background with strong experiences in Civil engineering, construction management, Metro rail construction, automation and robotics in construction, virtual reality/augmented reality, building information modeling, wireless sensor networks, and automated construction progress monitoring.