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Celebrating Chuck Eastman's Work

Celebrating Chuck Eastman's Work

Colleagues from around the world have organized the symposium to honor Professor Chuck Eastman and celebrate his life and legacy.  The Eastman Symposium was held on Thursday, May 13, 2021, starting at 12:00 UTC (8:00 a.m. US EDT) and ran uninterrupted for 24 hours. In keeping with the global impact of Professor Eastman’s work, the individual sessions were chaired by experts from around the world.

Special Publication

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A special federated issue from the Eastman Symposium will be jointly published by ITcon and CME.

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What to Expect

In keeping with the global impact of Professor Eastman’s work, the individual sessions are chaired by experts from around the world.

The symposium is anchored by two real-time networking sessions, where Chuck’s friends and family will gather.  The symposium includes two keynote lectures from Eastman’s closest colleagues and 14 academic paper sessions focused on research topics initiated and championed by Chuck over his 55-year research career.

And, to acknowledge his impact on the practices of design and construction, two industry panel discussions focus on the impacts BIM and related technologies have had on the AEC industry.  

The Eastman Symposium was streamed from the Digital Building Laboratory (DBL) website at Georgia Tech. 


Time(UTC) Time (US EDT) Duration Topic Chair
12:00 8:00 1:00 Introduction + First Keynote Sacks and Gentry
13:00 9:00 1:15 Rule Checking Eduardo Toledo Santos
14:15 10:15 1:15 BIM Implementation and Frameworks John Messner
15:30 11:30 1:15 Automation in Design and Construction Keresh Afsari
16:45 12:45 1:15 Process Modeling Marcelo Bernal
18:00 14:00 1:15 Industry Session 1 Stacy Scopano
19:15 15:15 1:15 BIM in Construction Engineering Fernanda Leite
20:30 16:30 1:15 5D BIM Workflows Pardis Pishdad Bozorgi
21:45 17:45 1:15 Eastman's Academic Legacy Lucio Soibelman
23:00 19:00 1:00 Family/Friends Session Eastman Family + Everyone
00:00 20:00 1:00 Introduction (Rerun) + Second Keynote Lee and Gentry
01:00 21:00 1:15 The Elusive History of BIM Carrie Sturts Dossick
02:15 22:15 1:15 Code Compliance Checking Robert Amor
03:30 23:30 1:15 AI and BIM Bonsang Koo
04:45 00:45 1:15 Industry Session 2 Wawan Solihin
06:00 02:00 1:15 Interoperability Rudi Stouffs
07:15 03:15 1:15 Design Cognition Fehmi Dogan
08:30 04:30 1:15 Semantic Exchanges Jakob Beetz
09:45 05:45 1:15 Visualizing Digital Information Jennifer Whyte
11:00 07:00 1:00 Family/Friends Session + Closing Eastman Family + Everyone
12:00 08:00   Finish  


Organizing Committee

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Rafael Sacks

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

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Ghang Lee

Yonsei University

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Russell Gentry

Georgia Institute of Technology

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