Russell Gentry demonstrates a novel building material to DBL Symposium guests.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our core faculty's expertise ranges from green building, advanced production and fabrication, to shape grammar, computational design, and rule-based modeling. Our partnering faculty come from the Schools of Architecture, Building Construction, and Civil and Environmental Engineering, representing the AEC core of Georgia Tech. 

Core Faculty

Russell Gentry, Director

Areas of expertise: Structures, fabrication, and green building
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Russell Gentry is an associate professor of architecture with a courtesy appointment in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He teaches courses in building structures and materials, fabrication technologies, and design and construction process. His research generally falls into three broad themes: developing and assessing new load bearing materials and systems; embedding structural and fabrication logic into CAD and simulation tools; and quantifying embodied and ongoing energy impacts of buildings and use of these metrics in the design process. He has a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Athanassios Economou

Areas of expertise: Shape grammars, design theory, architectural design, rule-based modeling, parametric modeling
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Thanos Economou is a professor in the School of Architecture. His teaching and research is in the areas of shape grammars, computational design, computer-aided design, and design theory, with more than 40 published papers in these areas. He is the director of the Shape Computation Lab at Georgia Tech and the director of the Art and Architecture in Greece and Italy Study Abroad Program at Georgia Tech. Design projects from his studios at Georgia Tech have received prestigious awards in international and national architectural competitions. He holds a Diploma in Architecture from NTUA, Athens, Greece, an M.Arch from USC, and a Ph.D. in Architecture from UCLA.

Keith Kaseman

Areas of expertise: Design research, advanced production
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Keith Kaseman is a designer, advanced production strategist and architectural educator. As Partner of KBAS, a spatial design practice launched in 2002 with Julie Beckman upon having their competition entry selected for the Pentagon Memorial (2002-2008), Keith continues to lead the digitally agile office through a diverse array of work, consistently achieving high levels of material and geometric precision across multiple scopes and scales of deployment. Among other awards, KBAS received a 2006 Young Architect Award from the Architecture League, NY and the 2012 National Award for Service from the American Institute for Architects. Keith joined the Faculty at Georgia Tech in 2016, where he teaches Design + Research studios plus digital production/fabrication workshop-based seminars.

Partnering Faculty

Baabak Ashuri

Areas of expertise: Construction economics and assessment
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Baabak Ashuri is an associate professor in the School of Building Construction and the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering. His work focuses on economic decision analysis of resilient and sustainable infrastructure systems. This field is multidisciplinary and lies at the confluence of construction engineering and project management, infrastructure asset management, and quantitative and computational finance. His work has significant implications for improving long-range planning and integrated decision-making processes for buildings and civil infrastructure assets, advancing economic/financial valuation methods for investments in major capital projects while preserving environmental and social conditions to foster resilient and sustainable development.

Daniel Baerlecken

Areas of expertise: Digital design and fabrication, innovative architectural forms
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Daniel Baerlecken is an assistant professor of architecture in the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech. His research and teaching is focused on digital design and design methodologies, which relate to the evolution of new paradigms in architectural design and practice through technology, fabrication, and performative aspects. His award-winning work has been published in more than 30 papers, including the International Journal of Architectural Computing, and exhibited at the Architectural Biennale in Venice.

Daniel Castro

Area of expertise: Energy systems in buildings
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Daniel Castro-Lacouture is professor and chair in the School of Building Construction at Georgia Tech. His current research centers on defining and implementing performance evaluation protocols for technology innovation in the built environment, such as sustainable construction materials and alternative sources of energy. He is a member of the International Green Builder Certification Board and the ACE Mentor Program of Atlanta Governing Board, a Registered Professional Engineer, Associate Editor of Automation in Construction, and was Chair of the 2014 ASCE Construction Research Congress.

Yong Kwon Cho

Areas of expertise: Remote sensing and tracking
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Yong Kwon Cho is an associate professor and group coordinator in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. A 2011 recipient of the NSF Early Career Award, his research interests include building energy and construction automation. He is leading the development of a new paradigm in these research areas by challenging the current understanding of science/engineering technologies in construction and sustainable built environments.

Javier Irizarry

Areas of expertise: Mobile computing in construction, IT in AEC education, construction safety, and human factors
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Javier Irizarry is an associate professor in the School of Building Construction and director of the CONECTech Lab. The Lab’s mission is to establish a framework for developing the next generation technology of enhanced solutions to construction problems by incorporating the cognitive processes of the human component of construction operations.

Kimberly Kurtis

Areas of expertise: Materials science, esp. concrete
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Dr. Kimberly (Kim) E. Kurtis is a professor in the School of Civil and Environmental and Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Scholarship in the College of Engineering at Georgia Tech. Her innovative research on the multi-scale structure and performance of cement-based materials has resulted in more than 100 technical publications and two US patents.

Scott Marble

Areas of expertise: Digital workflows, integrated practice
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Scott Marble is the Professor and William H. Harrison Chair of the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech. He was previously Associate Adjunct Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation where he was Director of Fabrication Research from 2004-2008 and Director of Integrated Design from 2009-2015. Marble is a founding partner of Marble Fairbanks Architects in New York. He is a frequent lecturer in the area of digital technologies and industry and recently completed the book Digital Workflows in Architecture: Design, Assembly, Industry published by Birkhauser.

Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi

Areas of expertise: BIM and IPD, risk management
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Pardis Pishdad-Bozorgi is an assistant professor in the School of Building Construction, College of Design at Georgia Tech. She specializes in the evolving project delivery contracting strategies such as Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach, Flash Tracking, and trust-building in construction contracting. Her research interests also include building information modeling and lean construction. Following the Harvard Business School model, Pishdad-Bozorgi aspires to adapt case study methodology into the construction management education as it is proven to be effective both in teaching and exploratory qualitative research.


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