2017 DBL Symposium

2017 DBL  Symposium--The Future of the Practice--October 5-6 at the Academy of Medicine

AEC Entrepreneurship

Creating the High Tech Building Economy

Our annual symposium showcased two days of panels with leading international experts, presentations, and an exhibit of AEC research being conducted across the Georgia Tech community.

October 5-6, 2017

The Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech | Atlanta, GA


The professions responsible for the built environment are entering a new era of profound opportunity and disruption. Long perceived as slow to adopt the transformative advances of technology, the design and delivery of buildings and infrastructure is rapidly becoming “high tech”. As buildings and cities fuse with ubiquitous computing systems and become part of the emerging Internet of Things, new players from both inside and outside traditional AEC sectors with new business models are beginning to capitalize on the opportunities in this changing landscape of professional practice and technological innovation. The promise of this technology driven industry transformation has been developing for at least three decades and has reached a new level of both urgency and opportunity.

What are the future models of practice in this high tech future for architects, engineers and builders? How will the existing organization of the design and construction industry evolve to capitalize on new opportunities? Will players from outside our industry be the ones to finally disrupt the entrenched AEC culture that has resisted change? What is the spectrum of career opportunities for those entering the workforce at the intersection of design, construction and technology?

The Digital Building Lab Symposium convened a two-day discussion, with leaders from a set of traditional and non-traditional disciplines addressing critical topics. Panelists included practice and business leaders from large full service consultancies to startups, high tech companies and venture capitalists. This discussion by leading international experts were followed by presentations and an exhibit of AEC research being conducted across the Georgia Tech community.

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